Humanitarian Relief Continues as Syrian Refugee Crisis Intensifies

Emergency Appeal: This region has been marked with civil unrest, which has led to an unimaginable humanitarian crisis. There is a massive refugee population with many living below the poverty line. Entering its 8th year, this ongoing crisis in Syria has left an estimated 465,000 people dead with more than 50% displaced as numbers continue to climb from recent attacks. Of the over 4,810,216 registered Syrian refugees 635,324 are residing in Jordan where 86% are living below the local poverty line. Over 13.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside the country.

HHRD Work: In 2013 HHRD became a registered NGO in the region and has been actively engaged with 9 of its humanitarian programs which have helped well over 1 million people in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.

Orphan Support Program:

This program provides subsistence such as financial support, education, life skills, medical assistance, social upliftment through camps and field trips, and psychological support for the predominately Syrian and Palestinian orphaned children in the region.

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In Kind Gifts Program:

Despite some local implementation challenges this program was successfully able to send 40 feet long containers with winter relief, non perishable foods, and medial supplies to beneficiaries in Lebanon and Jordan.

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Skills Development Program:

The purpose of this program is to provide women in need with the necessary skills to learn useful vocation and in turn the opportunity to work or produce products at home to ultimately earn a living for themselves and their families. This program has helped train women including many Syrian Refugees as well as, distributed 37 sewing machines through the Sr. Suzanne Itani grant.

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Shelter Relief Program:

The program aims to provide a decent shelter for Syrian refugee families in Jordan, especially those in remote places or camps and the widows with their orphan children. This program has allowed HHRD to distribute Micro-homes and construct an orphanage. Currently, 52 Syrian refugee widows and their children are living in the orphanage until they transition into the local area. The construction of Micro-homes in Jordan through our "Caravans of Hope" campaign has helped familes secure a roof over their heads and protection from environmental elements.

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Youth Empowerment Program:

Our annual Youth for Jordan trip took 40 college students with Sh. Omar Sulieman and Dr. Suzy Ismail for a first hand look at humanitarian relief efforts in Jordan. The Summer Internship Program hired 8 interns for the period of 3 months to work side by side with our professional staff to learn the ins and outs of relief work.

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Seasonal Program:

A total of 98,550 beneficiaries were helped through winter provisions, Udhiya distribution, Ramadan food packages, and Ramadan Iftar tent participation.

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Food Support:

This program set its priority to provide Syrian refugees in difficult situations with food packages to help them overcome the challenges they are already facing. Alhumduilllah we were able to help them secure a hot meal or food packages for sustenance.

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Education Support:

Through our Family and Higher Education support systems we were able to help 2,227 students. Monthly stipends for educational costs along with home visits ensured sponsored children were on their way towards a more promising tomorrow. Those pursuing a college degree were also sponsored to attend local universities.

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