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Burma Relief: 1.2 Million People In Need

Emergency Relief Program:

Help HHRD reach its $3.5 million target for Rohingya Refugees
Relief Work is Facing Several Bureaucratic Challenges

Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh is overflowing with the 860,000 Rohingya Refugees, who escaped persecution in Myanmar making the area the densest population of refugees in the world. According to several international forums including UNO, unfolding before our eyes is the 'ethnic' cleansing of Rohingya Muslims and as a result, making it the fastest growing refugee crisis of our lifetime. Some Rohingya are also Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and are living in make shift homes throughout Saytmaji Camp in Sittwe, Burma. HHRD is helping IDPs inside the danger zone of the Rakhine State inside Burma through partner NGOS, while it continues to provide emergency relief to Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

Due to this huge exodus the government of Bangladesh is working with caution, resulting in long approval processes to provide services. We are also faced with the issue of earlier approved projects being rejected by the bureaucratic process making the already difficult task of providing immediate humanitarian assistance even more challenging. With almost six months into these efforts, things have expedited to some extent, however more robust support is needed from the government and other agencies for International NGOs like HHRD to give more strategic relief and developmental assistance.

Helping Hand Emergency Response Team:

Several members of HHRD USA Emergency Response Team (ERT) have been working in Cox's Bazaar since September 2017; however, the location has proved difficult with torrential rains sweeping away makeshift tents and spreading infection. Consisting mainly of women and children these makeshift camps have become a center of disease and infection due to lack of hygienic conditions. Our ERT has reported a total of 646,000 refugees having arrived since the new wave of violence in August 2017. Our ERT has reported 154,000 children are facing malnourishment as 90% of Rohingya Refugees receive only one meal a day.

The country of Myanmar (Burma) is located in Southeast Asia and has been marked by one of the longest running civil wars between ethnic groups. More importantly, 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims living in the Burmese State of Rakhine have faced apartheid like conditions since 1942.

Children Care Centers: HHRD, through our partners SKB and SAWAB, is caring for more than 500 children (many orphans) at two Child Care Centers in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh. As of February 2018, children come to these Child Care Centers for six days a week from Fajr until Isha prayer. They establish prayers together followed by a filling and nourishing breakfast by the Grace of Allah (swt). Their day consists of Mathematics, English, Science, Quran, and Native Burmese Language classes followed by extracurricular activities. After lunch and Dhuhr prayer they go back to their families and rest. They return to more learning and activities and their families join them at Maghrib to meet other families and hear inspirational talks.


Help HHRD reach its $3.5 million target for Rohingya Refugees

Emergency Relief Food Packages: There is an immediate need for essential food items for these Rohingya refugees. As of February 2018, HHRD has provided food packages sufficient for a family of 6 for one month to more than 3,500 families. Items include Lentils, Potatoes, Oil, Spices, Salt, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Utensils & Cookware, Water, Hygiene Items, and other basic necessities. These efforts will continue to happen one or more times a month.

Winter Provisions: As temperatures continue to drop and monsoons threaten the hundreds and thousands living under the open skies HHRD provides warm clothing, mosquito repellant, shoes, soaps and more to ensure the health and safety of these refugees.

Shelter: Tarpaulins and construction materials for shelter provided as makeshift housing for refugees. Currently the Rohingya camps are poorly kept with broken tents. They do not have any life security, food safety, or accommodation facility. In addition to common issues, they suffer from lack of nutrition. Poorer Muslim Rohingya families constantly suffer from heat and cold problems, many of whom often lose their lives in border areas due to Myanmar army and related complications. Based on approval from Government of Bangladesh, HHRD will provide better built shelter homes to the refugees in the second and third quarters of 2018.

Daily Clinics: HHRD is providing daily medical services to 150+ people (26 days a month since November 2017) with 2 qualified doctors, 2 pharmacists, and one nurse. Lack of nutrition and safe drinking water has made the Rohingya families prone to illnesses and water borne diseases.

Help HHRD reach its $3.5 million target for Rohingya Refugees

Daily Clinics:HHRD is providing daily medical services to 150+ people (26 days a month since November 2017) with 2 qualified doctors, 2 pharmacists, and one nurse. Lack of nutrition and safe drinking water has made the Rohingya families prone to illnesses and water borne diseases.

Orphan Support Program:

HHRD is providing subsistence, education, healthcare, social upliftment, and child protection rights for 400 Burmese orphans both Muslims and Non-Muslim. For many of these orphans HHRD has established a School of Excellence, as they are living in an area where there is lack of proper schooling.

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Seasonal Program: Global Zabihah

During 2017 Seasonal Udhiya Qurbani, HHRD successfully carried out the Udhiya of 175 cows within Burma. A major portion was dedicated to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of the Rakhine State in Sittwe. Also in Indonesia, Burmese Rohingya Refugees received nutritious meat from the sacrifice of 8 goats and 19 cows.

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Seasonal Program: Ramadan Food Package Distribution

HHRD provided for 10,200 beneficiaries. Food packages were dstributed to 1300 families in Rakhine, 200 in Ayeyarwadi and 200 in Yangon. which included food distribution for Iftar and Eid celebrations. Interfaith Iftar dinners allowed community to show Islam as a peace-loving religion.

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In Kind Gifts Program:

A total of 5 clothing, 1 bedding, and 2 medical supply containers, 40 feet long, have been delivered to Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh for Rohingya Refugees.

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HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD’s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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