Bahamas Relief Fund

Lives Lost, Homes Damaged and Widespread Devastation

Post Hurricane Dorian Humanitarian Assistance Intervention Begins


HHRD Work In The Region: On September 11th, 2019, Helping Hand USA’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) of Br. Muhammad Saad Ansari and Br. Mannan Hussain gathered essentials such as bottled water, ice, and cots to be used as beds for Hurricane Dorian affected families seeking shelter at Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center in Nassau, Bahamas.

Helping Hand USA launched its “Bahamas Relief Fund” immediately after Hurricane Dorian hit to assist Bahamian families affected by this catastrophic storm.

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Situation on The Ground: Currently, there are six shelters in Nassau and Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium is the largest with 1,220 evacuees from the Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands. More Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are expected to join later as rescue and recovery operations continue.

Hurricane Dorian has severely damaged Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands in particular the city of Freeport. Search and rescue teams have brought thousands of survivors to Nassau, where they will remain as visitors in these shelters.

Helping Hand USA’s ERT has plans to undertake the 8 hour ferry ride to the devastated city of Freeport in order to conduct needs assessment and emergency relief operations. Please stay tuned for more information regarding their visit.

Helping Hand USA Team is immensely blessed to have been tirelessly assisted by local volunteers, especially Imam Faisal AbdurRahmaan Hepburn of Jamaat-UL-Islaam of the Commonwealth of Bahamas.

Local Authorities’ along with the families being helped have shown immense gratitude to the donor of Helping Hand USA. Please continue to pray for the people affected by this Hurricane.

Emergency Appeal: On September 1st, Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, made landfall in the Bahamas. The hurricane had catastrophic impacts, particularly on the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco, with exposure to extreme hurricane force winds, storm surges, flooding, and intense rainfall over the course of 24 hours. There is a high risk of waterborne diseases as flood water contaminates with sewage. Preliminary needs include safe water, food, sanitary and hygiene measures.

Hurricane Dorians has done $7 billion worth of damage to the Bahamas in what is being labeled as a 'humanitarian crisis' by the Bahamas Financial Service Ministry. The road to recovery is long as residents continue to look for missing loved ones buried beneath the rubble or in some cases swept out to sea.

The death toll continues to increase as rescue operations are taking place in the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco, where Hurricane Dorian has caused the most damage. HHRD's Emergency Response Team is on location in Nassau, Bahamas, where they will carry out the required humanitarian relief arrangements for those affected.

HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD’s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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