In Kind Gifts Program: Smiles Across the Miles (Collection Centers)

The following are current statistics of this program:

  • 606 Total Number of Containers (2010-2016)
  • $102 million In Kind Value (2010-2016)
  • Countries Served so far 18
  • Number of Containers in 2016 156
  • In Kind Value $22 million

Current Campaign: Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia

We are collecting In-Kind gifts for above mentioned countries year round, please call your local area In-Kind collection center for further details.

In Kind Gifts also include medical supplies and medicine such as these donated to a hosptial in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Distribution of California container in Lebanon for Syrian Refugees and needy Lebanese families.

Hygiene Kits distributed to Children with Disabilities in Pakistan help teach the importance of cleanliness and raise awareness.

Distribution of Illinois container in Jordan for Syrian and Palestinian Refugees and local needy Jordanian families.

Medical supplies distributed to a hospital is Kenya.

Distribution of In Kind clothing and shoes for refugees and local needy families in Lebanon.

Containers are loaded with either nonperishable food items, clothing, shoes and winter items for needy families abroad.

Bringing "Smiles Across The Miles" for families worldwide.

Program Overview:

In-Kind Gifts are donated goods and services rather than monetary donations. Goods are valued at fair market price and the donor determines the value of goods. A review is made by HHRD team to ensure that a reasonable value is placed.

In-Kind Gifts Program has been saving and enhancing lives of hundreds and thousands since 2008. From local private donations to large corporate shipments, HHRD is truly connecting people's resources with people's needs around the world.

A wheel chair allows a man the freedom to move; a pair of shoes and clothes gives a child protection from harsh weather and toiletries protect the poor from germs. These shipments are now part of HHRD's ongoing humanitarian campaign to provide urgently needed aid to the hospitals, clinics, schools, and civilians of war-torn countries.

Program Objectives:

  • 1. To provide relief to disaster affected people
  • 2. To recycle useful gifted items for needy people
  • 3. To prioritize basic needs of vulnerable
  • 4. To provide volunteer opportunities to youth in USA to help humanity

At the onset of any disaster relief effort, 15 HHRD regional In-Kind Gift Centers in 11 different states initiate In-kind Gift campaigns and drives for the specific needs of the affected countries. After the relief phase is over, In-Kind teams coordinate with local teams to generate wish lists after proper need assessment of the area for rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.

Program Preview:

  • Relief Items for Natural/Manmade Disasters Survivors
  • Winterization for Needy
  • Food for Needy
  • Food for Work
  • Medical Supplies and equipment’s for nonprofit organizations and hospitals
  • Educational kits for Needy Students
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Wedding Boxes for Needy

Countries Served:

  • Jordan (Syrian Refugees)
  • Lebanon (Syrian Refugees)
  • Turkey (Syrian Refugees)
  • Gaza
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Burma
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya
  • Somalia
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Haiti
  • Mexico

Program Interventions (Campaign/Year)

  • Nepal Earthquake 2015
  • Philippine Tsunami 2014
  • Burma Crisis 2013
  • Syrian Refugees crisis 2012 to present
  • Tanzania Flood 2012
  • Bangladesh Flood 2012
  • Middle East Crisis (Tunisia, Libya) 2011
  • African Drought (Kenya, Somalia) 2011
  • Pakistan Flood 2010-2011
  • Haiti Earthquake 2009

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can zakat money be donated for this program?


  • How much it cost to ship a container?

    Cost varies from country to country; ranges from $4000 to $6000/container

  • What in kind items can be donated?

    List of Items

    • Non-Perishable Foods (best before date of 8 months or more): Baby Milk; Baby Food, diapers, baby bottles ; Cereals; Flour; Rice; Cooking Oil; Sugar; Salt; Granola & Honey-Oats Bars; Lentils; Beans; and Chick-Peas;
    • Non Food: New Hygiene-Kits including Soaps, Tooth-Pastes, Tooth-Brushes, Hair Brushes, & Nail-Cutters , shampoo, napkins, lotion, towels ;
    • Clothes: New and Gently Used Clothes Separated by Gender & Ages; Good Condition Shoes; and Brand New Socks & Undergarments;
    • Warm clothing (new/gently used) Jackets, sweaters, gloves, socks, warm hats, sleeping bags
    • Household Items: New Pillows; Clean Bed Sheets & Pillow Covers; New Sleeping Bags; Usable & Clean Utensils; Buckets; Detergent; and Mosquito Nets, Blankets/quilts, bed sheets ;
    • School supplies Notebooks, pencils, folders, books, bags
    • Medical Equipment & Supplies: Oxygen Concentrators; Wheel-Chairs; Crutches; Sanitary Pads; Wound Gauzes; and Bandages
  • Can businesses donate?

    Yes, businesses can donate or sponsor full containers of items of food, bedding, soap, school furniture, school supplies, diapers etc.

  • Where can we donate?

    All our offices are equiped to accept inKind donations. List/hours/and procedure can be found at our contact us page

  • What happens when a container reaches destination?

    It is cleared from customs and then distributed among carefully chosen beneficiaries. Distribution pictures are taken for record purposes and if desired are shared with donors. A proper distribution report is generated and recorded. HHRD makes door to door follow up of in kind gifts.