Health Care

As very large proportion of world population is deprived of basic medical care in developing countries, HHRD is partnering with World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies to provide the much needed medical help to affected people in disaster areas.

Mother-Child Healthcare Centers:

Focusing on the most vulnerable portion of population, recently HHRD has setup ten (10) Mother Child Healthcare Centers(MCHCs) in flood affected areas of Pakistan. More than 300, 000 patients has been treated so far (until June 2011) and more than $235,000 worth of medicines has been provided to deserving poor of that areas.

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Eye Surgeries:

Focusing on the elderly and needy segment of the population, HHRD holds Eye Camps throughout the year. By just donating $135, you can help provide an eye surgery to a deserving patient in developing countries.

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Mobile Clinic on Bus & Ambulance Service

Many poor and needy people can not reach to a healthcare facility because of long distance travels. HHRD is running a fleet of mobile medical bus and ambulances to help people reach to the much needed care on time.

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Model Health Clinic in Kachi Abaadies of Islamabad:

HHRD has established a model health clinic for the poor and needy residents of kachi abaadies of Islamabad, Pakistan. The clinic is equipped with latest machines and technology.

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HHRD Health Initiatives:

  • Primary Health Care
  • Maternal & Child Health Care
  • Immunization
  • Health Education & Awareness
  • Prevention of Blindness
  • Ambulance Service
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Management of Chronic Diseases
  • Medical Equipment as In-kind donation

HHRD health intervention programs initiatives in following countries:

  • Pakistan: Flood Relief, Earthquake Relief and IDPs
  • Haiti: Earthquake Relief
  •     Indonesia: Tsunami Relief
  •     Japan: Earthquake Relief
  •     Libya/Tunisia: Refugee Relief
  •     Sri lanka: Flood Relief

HHRD Health Working Strategy:

Health Care Services:

Preventive & Promotive:

  • EPI program for children and pregnant mothers
  • Health and Hygiene awareness sessions
  • Growth monitoring of preschool children
  • Repair and renovation of health facilities
  • Referral services on 24/7 basis


  • Free consultation and medication in two shifts
  • Antenatal/postnatal services
  • Free delivery services
  • Provision of necessary furniture and equipment
  • Deployment of medical and Para medical staff