Emergency Appeals

Mexico Earthquake Relief

Two major earthquakes measuring 8.1 and 7.1 rattled the country of Mexico resulting in the deaths of 360 and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. HHRD's Emergency Response Team (ERT) has provided relief to the cities of Oaxaca, Mexico City, Puebla and Morelos delivering items of food and water to those in need.

HHRD is a registered NGO in the region and has been conducting Seasonal and Emergency Relief projects in and around Chiapas. Our teams are currently on high alert with plans of providing immediate emergency relief. Donate to “Mexican Emergency Relief” and help the victims of this catastrophic event. Join HHRD as we gather together our resources to help the people of Mexico during this difficult time.

Burma (Rohingya) Relief

A silent genocide, which the United Nations calls 'textbook ethnic cleansing' is underway against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. The country of Myanmar (Burma) is located in Southeast Asia and has been marked by one of the longest running civil wars between ethnic groups. More importantly, 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims living in the Burmese State of Rakhine have faced apartheid like conditions since 1942.

HHRD's Emergency Response Team (ERT) is working in Cox Bazar Bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Refugees have sought safety from the violence in Myanmar. Cox Bazar is one of most popular locations of Rohingya Refugees however, the location has proved difficult with torrential rains sweeping away makeshift tents and spreading infection. Consisting mainly of women and children these makeshift camps have become a center of disease and infection due to lack of hygienic conditions. Our ERT has reported a total of 640,000 Rohingya in Bangladesh with 429,000 having arrived since the new wave of violence in August 2017. Our ERT has reported 154,000 children are facing malnourishment as 90% of Rohingya Refugees receive only one meal a day.

Visit our Burma Relief page for a list of donation packages for these Rohingya Refugees; together we can help make a difference.

Caribbean Hurricane Relief

Measured as a category 5 hurricane, Maria hit the island of Dominica with full force leaving 15 dead and immense infrastructure damage. Many of the islands in the Caribbean were recovering from Hurricane Irma when Hurricane Maria followed suit. Puerto Rico was the strongest hit as million struggle without food, water, and power.

Two HHRD Emergency Relief Teams (ERT) are on location in the Caribbean islands of St. Martin and Tortola as well as, Dominica on route to Barbados to provide emergency relief items to Hurricane Irma and Maria victims. The teams were put on standby as they prepared for Hurricane Irma relief due to the development of Hurricane Maria. Our teams have met with parliament officials as well as, as they assess the damages from both hurricanes in order to provide essential relief items.

HHRD has been providing relief in the Caribbean since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 killing over 230,000, injuring over 300,000 and displacing 1.5 million people. HHRD’s Emergency Relief Program organized 59 Rotational Clinics treating over 20,000 people. HHRD has ongoing Food Distributions, Seasonal, Healthcare, Orphan Support, Water for Life, Skills Development and Shelter Village programs. The Youth for Haiti program has allowed countless college students the opportunity to witness first-hand the humanitarian efforts of HHRD.

Syrian Refugees Crisis

HHRD has been actively involved in helping the Syrian people since 2011 (never ending volatility) with the launch of its “Syria Humanitarian Assistance” fund.

Internal strife and now deadly living conditions have led to an increase in refugees from Syria to the neighboring countries and beyond. HHRD working with our own representatives in Jordan, where we are registered as an INGO to provide emergency relief to not only Syrian refugees but also refugees from Palestine as well as the needy of Jordan.

HHRD Middle East North Africa (MENA) became a registered NGO in Jordan in 2013. Currently, the four programs operating under Regional Director Yaser Alkhooly are Orphan Sponsorship, Skills Development, In-Kind Gifts, Education Support, Shelter Provisions, and Seasonal programs.

African Drought

The continent of Africa, with its 1.1 billion people, has a long history of drought, famine, epidemics and civil war. HHRD’s work in the region began in Kenya with the distribution of emergency relief items for 108,000 Kenyans affected by the drought of 2011. It was during this time that we established a permanent field office in Nairobi.

Since then HHRD has conducted the following programs in the region: Emergency Relief, In Kind Gifts, Orphan Support, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Skills Development, Education, Healthcare, and Seasonal programs. In 2014 the countries of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda were our primary focus.

Tharparkar Drought

The region of Tharparkar Sindh in Pakistan has been marked by drought, famine and malnutrition. This deadly combination of famine and drought has left the people of Tharparkar in a state of anguish and despair. The lack of monsoons has caused wells to dry up as a result leading to the destruction of crops and livestock. With all available water resources being contaminated citizens are forced to consume undrinkable and unsafe water.

HHRD’s Water for Life program implemented 83 safe drinking water projects, 40 community hand pumps, 16 submersible water pumps, 25 water wells, and 2 filtration plants. The implementation of all these projects has been successfully installed by Implementing Partner (IP) i.e. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKF). These projects benefitted about 49,918 drought-affected people in famine areas of district Tharparkar.