The 7.8 magnitude earthquake left over 8,000 dead and hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Donations to our “Nepal Relief Fund” helped thousands of people receive proper and necessary emergency relief by collecting close to half a million dollars and distributing relief across 5 districts.

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Emergency Relief Program:

HHRD’s Emergency Response Team in Pakistan immediately assessed the situation in Nepal, arriving 3 days after the quake, and reached more than 7,300 people with medical aid and relief services.

Orphan Support Program:

HHRD’s team visited government and low-income schools to assist orphans in earthquake affected areas. Orphan data was gathered and uploaded the information of close to 200 children to our Orphan Support webpage.

Food Basket Distribution:

2,390 received food baskets containing necessary essentials for a family of 5 or more individuals.

In Kind Gifts Program:

Shipments from HHRD USA containing surgical and disposable items, wheelchairs, walkers, blankets, hygiene kits and 50 orthopedic beds tremendously helped the earthquake-affected people.

Healthcare Program:

HHRD’s extensive work in the region allowed for the distribution of 1,980 personal hygiene kits and the operation of 30 mobile Medical camps provided service to 2,778 people.

Physical Rehabilitation Program:

HHRD’s medical team included Physical Therapists who provided 210 physiotherapy sessions to patients along with providing walkers, crutches, prosthetics and hospital beds to over 100 patients.

Skills Development Program:

Local institutions and areas were visited and consulted to begin Skills Development work in order to teach and further local skills, trends and courses. This will help empower those in need to rebuild their lives.

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