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Orphans Support Drawing Competition
5th October 2012,

HHRD 2013 Calendar Competition

Attention Students!

HHRD publishes an annual Calendar that reaches more than 10,000 donors . This year a special Orphans Support Calendar is being published. The idea is to involve children in our community to learn about Orphans, their daily lives, difficult situations and basic needs. Islamic School from across the USA and internationally will take part in this Competition.

12 winners will be chosen.
First Prize: Cover Page and 1 Month: Quran Tajweed Pen.
Second Prize: 11 Month Pictures: $50 Gift Card

Orphan Support Program
The Orphan Support Program (OSP) of Helping Hand helps in identifying families in needy situations. It focuses on assisting children, who have lost their parents or/and guardians and enables them to fit into the society morally, spiritually, and mentally. These children are being provided with stipends sufficient enough to bear the expenses of their education and basic amenities. The younger children are taken to schools, while the older ones are taken to vocational training institutes, thus making them productive members of the society.

Orphan Sponsorship Program
With a presence in 16 countries across the globe, HHRD hopes to provide a better future for the children of this world with just $1 a day. Donors are able to choose the country of their choice along with the gender of the child from a larger database of children looking for help.

Currently, with the launch of HHRD’s orphan website, donors are given access to profiles of orphans around the globe to facilitate their preference of ethnicity, gender and age. Orphans, who are sponsored by HHUSA donors, enjoy the following basic necessities:

  • Subsistence: monthly ration, clothes, hygiene kits;

  • Education: school fee, books, school supplies and two uniforms;

  • Health: medical checkups, immunization

  • Social uplifting: extracurricular activities

  • Child Protection Rights: inheritance and family...

As little as $1 a day or $365 a year is all it takes to save a child from the trials and tribulations of this world. Ensure a brighter future for these children and secure a spot in the Hereafter with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

For further information on how you can become a sponsor or donate to this cause visit

Wasalaam Walaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatahu
-HHRD Team

—Orphan Support Program, Helping Hand USA


Orphan Sponsor Program Drawing Competition


-Theme: Dream of an Orphan
-Deadline: October 18th, 2012
-Age: Up to 18 Years
-Landscape Size 8.5x11
-Each submission should include: Name, Age, School and Contact Information
-Mailing Address: 12541 McDougall St., Detroit, MI 48212
-Discretion: Art work should be by the child who submits it; without help from others.

Imagine 153 million children around the world yearning to be reunited with one or both of their lost parents. This is the number of orphans who struggle daily with this loss. Though it is a momentous task HHRD has set out to bring smiles back on the innocent faces of these children with hopes of giving them a life of self-sufficiency. Over 5,000 children are under the support of HHRD, along with close to 2,600 children sponsored by individual donors.

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