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Assalaamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBaraktahu,

According to United Nations, since early June 2012, about 90,000 people have been displaced by volatility in the west of Burma. Thousands of homes have been burnt, and more than 80 people are reported dead. On June 10, President Thein Sein issued a state of emergency in the area, which is continuing.

In the Province of Arakan, West Burma, about 800,000 Rohingya live, and according to the United Nations, they are described as one of the worlds’ most persecuted minorities.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has informed today that in order to save hundreds of lives, who include many malnourished children and elderly persons, there is immediate need of food supplies to more than 66,000 people.

In order to provide immediate respite to the Burmese brethren in humanity, Helping Hand For Relief & Development has started the "Burmese Relief Fund"; and appealing to all conscientious persons to generously contribute by visiting this web-link www.HHRD.Org; or mail their Checks in the name of Helping Hand For Relief & Development, 12541 McDougall Street, Detroit, MI 48212, Phone: 1-888-808-HELP (in the memo, please write “Burmese Relief Fund”).

Helping Hand For Relief & Development has proven past experience in providing humanitarian assistance in this region through vetted NGO partners.

Other than implementing seasonal projects in Burma, like Eid-AL-Adha Qurbani and Ramadan & Eid-AL-Fitr Gifts Giving, earlier in the Fall of 2007, through the contributions by kind people like you, Helping Hand For Relief & Development provided similar assistance for three months to 1,500 Arakan Burmese Refugee Families (more than 50,000 persons) in the neighboring Bangladesh in Cox Bazar District Refugee Camp.

Today Bill Frelick, Refugee Program Director at Human Rights Watch Today the Human Rights Watch, called upon world governments and NGOs should provide humanitarian assistance and other support for the refugees. They should also help in finding durable solutions both for the new arriving refugees and for the 29,000 registered; and an estimated 200,000 unregistered refugees from Burma already in Bangladesh, who are living in some of the poorest provisioned camps in the world.

"Bangladesh needs generous support right now from the international community to assist the refugees fleeing Arakan State and to find durable solutions later on," Frelick said.

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-HHRD Team


Volatility in Syria is not stemming. Helping Hand For Relief & Development is working closely with partners in Syria to bring relief to the victims of this crisis; providing food rations, medical care, and infant food to the affected Syrian Families. These families are those, who have been displaced to the borders of Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, as well as some Internally Displaced Persons inside of Syria. HHRD has started to provide monthly food ration to Syrian families at $120/family/Month.

Please donate generously towards the Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Fund at:

Donate Now at www.HHRD.Org


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