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Pakistani IDP Need Immdiate Relief

Pakistani IDP Need Immdiate Help!

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The recent volatility in the northwest region of Pakistan has caused much heighted distress for humanity; as close to 350,000 people have to flee the area of North Waziristan Agency (NWA).Majority of the people have relocated from Mir Ali Subdivision of NWA to areas of Bannu, DI Khan, and Tank in Khyber Pukhtoun Khawa (KPK) Province.

It must be noted that around 43% of the population from where this displacement is occurring are under the age of 14, according to official figures, which means this ill-fated turmoil is again of something that involves a large number of children.

As such accompanied with the many concerns associated with this kind displacement and the fears of increasing epidemic diseases, there are grave concerns of polio spreading through the tens and thousands of unvaccinated children.With Ramadan starting in the next few days, the Government of Pakistan is struggling to accommodate those involved in this humanitarian crisis; by setting up camps for these Internally Displaced Persons (IDP).

But as per BBC reports, these civilians are refusing to seek shelter there for the lack of basic necessities such as food, water, and sanitation.HHRD Pakistan is a member of the “Pakistan Humanitarian Forum”.

HHRD Pakistan has done extensive work in this region with the IDP communities and facilitated the dissemination of emergency relief aid in the recent past.HHRD Pakistan Representatives and Volunteers are highly trained and prepared to provide necessary assistance, in collaboration with other credible NGOs in the region.Being able to swiftly reach these unfortunate children, elderly, sisters, and brothers, who have been uprooted from their homes, requires your immediate assistance. HHRD is deploying into this region the necessary staff members and volunteers to provide water, food, shelter, and medications to these IDPs. All this will be possible through the Blessings from Allah SWT and the generous support and contributions of patrons like yourself, your family, and friends: Need is immediate and crucial.

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-HHRD Emergency Response Team

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Philippine Typhoon Relief

The people of Philippines need more than prayers, they need your help!

Please donate generously towards the Philippines Typhoon Relief fund at: donate.aspx?proid=212

Philippines, just 4 weeks ago was hit by a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2, depleting most emergency reserves the country had. Now the Category 5 Typhoon has swept away villages, ravaging coastlines, many cities including Tacloban, Samar, and according to the UN, Baco, with a population of 35,000 was 80% under water. 10,000 people reportedly have lost their lives and more than 600,000 have been displaced affecting more than 9.5 million people. Because there is very limited communication outside of the main cities, it is hard to tell still how many people have actually died, injured and affected in total.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) has been at the forefront of providing relief in Philippines in past years from the Tsunami of 2004 to the recent earthquake that devastated the country just last month. HHRD has launched the "Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund" to assist after this record breaking Typhoon. HHRD Staff members and volunteers in Thailand and Pakistan are on their way into the devastated areas to provide the necessary emergency relief & recuperation services. HHRD is aiming to provide the most necessary assistance of clean water, food, clothes, utensils, hygiene items and shelter.

There is no food, no clean water, villages are flooded and tangled power lines have fallen on to roads along with debris making it very difficult for aid to reach beyond airports. There are already reports of looting and robberies from relief convoys that have been trying to make it to the victims. People are desperate and the situation is only getting worse.

There is an immense need for food, clean water, medical assistance, shelter and long term rehabilitation as this Typhoon has wiped out infrastructures to the ground.

The people of Philippines need more than prayers, they need your help!

Please donate generously towards the Philippines Typhoon Relief fund at donate.aspx?proid=212

-HHRD Emergency Response Team

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Assam India

Our credible and vetted partners in the region have informed that sudden spurt of riots in four districts of Assam, India; have threatened the identity and ethnicity of local Muslims.

Over 70 persons have been killed and more than 400,000 persons are displaced.

More than 300 villages have been burnt and/or partially affected.

The condition of Muslim Relief Camps for the displaced persons is showing very pathetic picture, due to lack of food, clean water, and other necessary things.

There is acute shortage of food, water, medicines, baby food, etc.

The immediate help and materials required and being purchased through HHRD assistance, include Food Items / Medicines / Bottled Water / Quick Restoration of Hand Pumps for Pure Drinking Water / Baby Food / Mosquito Nets / Utensils / Buckets / Clothes / Temporary Shelters.

It is feared that without urgent action, these camps will become the permanent abode of displaced persons.

The victims need urgent help.

Your contribution will go a long way to offer them solace at this time of great need:

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A man once asked, "Choose for me, Messenger of Allah." The Prophet ~ answered him, "I choose AL-Sham for you, for it is the place of the best Muslims, and Allah's choicest are from its cities, and Allah chose His elite (Prophets) from its people. If anyone refuses, may he be ruined and suffer from his own disloyalty, for Allah the Almighty promised to grant me victory over AL-Sham." He added, “Commit yourself to AL-Sham, for it is the best land of Allah wherein are the elite, the best of His servants." (Narrated by Ibn' Asakir).

On another occasion, our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah SWT Bestow Peace and Blessings Upon him) prayed for the blessing of the people of AL-Sham. Anas Ibn Malik (ra) reports that the Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) looked towards Iraq, AL Sham and Yemen then said, "O Allah! Bring their hearts over to Your obedience and relieve them of their burdens" (Tirmidhi).

As we listen to these virtues of AL-Sham, we are getting these sad news every day for the past one year that humanity is in dire danger in this Land of the Prophets AL-Sham.

Just in the past few days, UNO has reported that some 250,000 people have fled to nearest villages, towns, and borders of Jordan, Turkey, & Lebanon; due to the volatility in Syria's largest city of Aleppo.

Also one of the historic significance of Aleppo is that it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; it has been inhabited since perhaps as early as the 6th millennium BC.

UNO humanitarian chief Baroness Valerie Amos has called for immediate assistance from the International Community.

Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD) in July 2012, spent $100,000 inside of Syria; through our partners to support more than 880 families with food ration.

Here see two raw amateur videos footage in Arabic with English subtitles from this effort from Tafas, a town in the Dar'aa Province of Syria; and Houleh, Homs: Copy and paste in the URL these following Web-Links:

The numbers families that were assisted with monthly food ration, in various cities of Syria by HHRD included as under:

Damascus = 190
Homs = 350
Dar’aa = 125
Edlib = = 127
Dear Alzoor 90
Total = 882 families

These items were provided in the food baskets: Amount varies depending on the size and need of the family:

Rice Tea Dates
Sugar Halawa Spaghetti
Bourgol Tomato Paste Cheese
Cooking Oil Zatar Candles
Ghee - Shortening Mortadella Blankets
Lentils Vermicelli Cooking Gas Container
Crushed Lentils Pasta Baby Milk + Milk
Prescriptions Medicines Clothing Eggs
Jam Heating Fuel

The Money of the grant was distributed to these areas inside Syria:

City $ Amount
Damascus $20,000
Homs $40,000
Daraa $15,000
Edlib $15,000
Dear Alzoor $10,000
Total $100,000

HHRD is endeavoring to provide food to more than 3,000 families, at about $100 per Family per Month.

HHRD is requesting and pleading all conscientious persons to come forward to assist the Syrian sisters, brothers, children, and elders for the Pleasure of God and for the common humanity:

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Burmese Relief Fund

According to United Nations, since early June 2012, about 90,000 people have been displaced by volatility in the west of Burma. Thousands of homes have been burnt, and more than 80 people are reported dead. On June 10, President Thein Sein issued a state of emergency in the area, which is continuing.

In the Province of Arakan, West Burma, about 800,000 Rohingya live, and according to the United Nations, they are described as one of the worlds’ most persecuted minorities.

Have Questions? Here are some Answers

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African Drought Crisis

Millions of lives are at risk due to the worst drought to hit Somalia, Kenya and the Horn of Africa in 60 years. In Somalia, the hardest hit countries Somalia and Kenya, HHRD staff have been busy saving lives by providing food to hungry families which are most affected by Drought, these families are from Somalia and Kenya, Approximately 700 to 1000 beneficiaries are daily visiting to Refugees Camp in Dadaab, The most affected communities which are located in other areas of Somalia border have not been concentrated, in this scenario certain distributions have been done on various locations of Somalia and Kenya by HHRD, currently HHRD distributed 450 food packages to the most vulnerable families.

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Libya Relief Fund

Due to the volatile situation, thousands of Libyans have fled from their homes, and becoming refugees. HHRD has set up emergency relief camps at the border of Tunisia and Egypt. HHRD is carrying out Emergency Response at the borders of Libya...

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Pakistan Flood Relief 2010

The Pakistan Floods of 2010 have been rated as the worst humanitarian crisis by the UN in the recent history, with more people affected than the South-East Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined; affecting 15 million people and leaving 1,600 dead...

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Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief

    9.0 Richter Scale Earthquake triggering a tsunami that is causing extensive damages

    - An estimated 16,000+ people have died and the death toll is continuously rising

    over 300,000+ people have been displaced

    100 times worse than Haiti, and comparable to the 2004 Tsunami of South East Asia

    Japan's coast has moved 8 feet on the earth’s axis

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Haiti Earthquake Relief

Haiti was hit with a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Their lives changed within a matter of minutes. Homes were shattered, buildings were flattened and many people lost their loved ones...

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