Intellectual Disabilities:
Psycho Social-therapy is provided to deserving patients and parents for handling of intellectually disabled children.

    Special Care for Children with Cerebral Palsy

    102 patients were provided free medical consultations.

    Speech Language Pathology.

Visually Impaired:
Blindness is prevalent in many parts of the developing world. Major proportions of blind population remain in remote and underserved areas. Lower access to eye care services is a contributory factor in its increase.

HHRD is involved in:

    Prevention and Control of Blindness

    Free surgeries provided to patients with Cataract, Trachoma, Glaucoma, Corneal Opacity and Refractive Errors.

    Training teachers in Brail to compensate lack of teachers in remote areas.

        Brail Teaching Aides

        Brail Games

        Support Equipment and Multiple Computer Program Aid

    Skills Development for the Visually Impaired – to promote self-sufficiency and confidence

2,310 free eye surgeries were conducted and 11,452 patients were given free medical consultations

Hearing Impaired :
HHRD’s goal for 2013, to begin services to those who are hearing impaired on assessment and treatment for low and medium hearing losses.

Physically Disabled:
Helping Hand for Relief and Development is providing state of the art physical rehabilitation services in rural and remote areas of Pakistan, where the Earthquake of 2005 devastated and entire nation, leaving countless injured and disabled.

Provided services to 113,857 patients.


    86,532 patients treated

    Treatment of Major Spinal Injuries, Brain Injuries, Stroke, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Amputations, Geriatric Conditions, Sports Injuries

Occupational Therapy

    13,191 children with cerebral palsy and adults with mild to severe cases have shown remarkable success.

    Artificial Limbs appliances have been provided at a very subsidized cost to the patient.

    859 persons were enabled to lead a normal life; PWD provided lower and upper artificial limbs


    2676 patients treated

    Treatment of Neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, pain and traumatic disorders to help prevent further deformation, fixation of the problem, speeding the heeling of fractures, prevent contractures, compensate limb shortening, to ease mobilization and to walk independently.



Socio-economic empowerment after rehabilitation. To overcome occupational constraints through treatment, training, skills development, and micro enterprise development.
Empowerment of PWDS will address five basic needs:

    Enhanced role for the PWDs in decision making in their society

    Enhanced level of opportunities available to the PWDs for business or employment through HHRD Interest Free Micro-Finance and Skill Development Programs

    Enhanced mobility with rehab services

    Mobility and Educational skills development trainings

“Mainstreaming is at once a method, a policy and a tool for achieving social inclusion, which involves the practical pursuit of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity: mainstreaming disability is about recognizing persons with disabilities as rights-holding, equal members of society who must be actively engaged in the development process irrespective of their impairment or other status, such as race; colour; sex; sexual orientation; language; religion; political or other opinion; national, ethnic, indigenous or social origin; property; birth or age. Mainstreaming is also recognized as the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve equality for persons with disabilities” UN Report

Out Reach:

    Organize Free Medical Camps independently

    More than 5000 patients have so far been facilitated.

Awareness Campaigns

    awareness walks

    observing international days of persons with disabilities (IDPWDs)

    organizing sports events for PWDs,

    seminars on the issues of disabilities

Educational Institute for PWDs:

    HHRD provides training to the students who want to learn Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences, Dental Technology, Laboratory Technology and Radiology technologists.

    One of the distinct features of the program is free paramedical diploma in different disciplines to PWDs, and 50% fee compared to market for all other students.

    Student with disabilities receive free education at the HHRD institute

Today Polio Virus exists in only three countries in the world, Niger, Afghanistan and Pakistan. HHRD aims to provide polio vaccines to prevent the polio.
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