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We try our best to involve our youth in relief activities. We have established In-kind donation centers all across USA. We provide excellent opportunities to volunteer for overseas relief work. We have established a strong presence on all internet based social networks. We organize many fundraising and community events all  year round. There are various ways to donate for HHRD programs and projects.
1. Summer Internship Program offers paid internships to qualified students in all of our regions.
2. Every spring, we launch a Youth for Haiti program.
3. We are launching Youth for Japan program during this summer.
4. Volunteer to be a mentor of the young interns to support our youth programs.
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1. Drop off your new and used items and receive a tax deductable receipt.
2. Launch a local neighborhood campaign to collect the in-kind donations for a cause supported by HHRD.
3. Volunteer your time in packaging the inkind donations at our collection centers.
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1. Medical professionals are often needed to support our field hospitals.
2. Volunteer your time to monitor our projects during your regular overseas visits.
3. We can utilize your technical expertise for our green technology based projects in the field.
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Watch HHRD video coverage.
Join hands with HHRD.
Go to our photo stream.
Follow our live field reports.
Follow us on blogspot.
Follow us on wordpress blogs.
Follow us on tumblr blogs.
1. Volunteer your time to help us publicize our events.
2. Help us manage the activities on the day of the event.
3. Invite your friends and neighbors to HHRD events.
4. Your timely feedback after an event is very much appreciated.
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1. Donate Monthly using our convenient Automated Recurring Billing option.
2. Mail your checks to our office.
3. Donate Online using e-check method(Most Preferred).
4. Donate Online using your credit/debit cards.