Emergency Relief: Haiti Hurricane Relief

The threat of flash flooding and water borne diseases such as cholera is looming overhead. HHRD's Hurricane Matthew emergency response includes: food distributions, repairing roofs, medical clinics and continuing long-term rehabilitation that started in 2010. Relief distributions are happening in Les Cayes, Jeremie, Manish Village, Miragoane, and Dame Marie.

HHRD Emergency Response Team in Haiti

Helping Hand for Relief and Development’s (HHRD) Emergency Response Team has been on the ground now since October 6th, 2016. Base camps have been established in Port au Prince and Jeremie where the team assemble proper supplies such as non perishable food items and galvanized iron sheets for distribution. Medical Teams are being prepped to bring Medical Assitance in the most devastated areas.

How You Can Help:

HHRD will be making Emergency Food Distributions:
Emergency Food Package: $50
(Bottled Water, Rice, Beans, Cooking Oil,
Fish Cans, Sugar, Spaghetti and Milk)

Current Situation:

Victims of Hurricane Matthew are in recovery mode and salvaging whatever items they can find. The category 4 storm, which devastated Haiti this October, has affected 1.4 million people and claimed the lives of over 1,000. With the power still out, limited food and water, and destroyed infrastructure relief workers are finding it extremely difficult to reach remote locations.

Besides food and water there is urgent need for clothing and shoes to protect Haitians from debris. With 90% of Haiti south destroyed people have become desperate. HHRD's Emergency Relief Team has been in the region immediately following the hurricane and has been distributed over 300 Food Packages in Les Cayes, Jeremie, Manish Village , Dame Marie, and Mairagone.

Areas Most Affected:

Miragoâne, Les Anglais, Port Salut and Les Cayes.

HHRD has launched it's "Haiti Hurricane Relief Fund" and all funds will provide Emergency Relief for food, shelter, water and medicine to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

HHRD in Haiti Since 2010

The country of Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2010. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed over 230,000, injured over 300,000 and displaced 1.5 million people.

HHRD immediately launched its Haiti Earthquake Emergency Relief fund to assist with food, water, shelter and medicine.

During the Emergency Relief Phase after Earthquake of January 2010 in Haiti, HHRD organized 59 Rotational Clinics treating around 20,000 people where Doctors from USA gave their voluntary services.

Our Global Zabiha, Seasonal, Healthcare, Orphan Support, Water for Life, Skills Development and Shelter Village programs have provided upliftment to the people of Haiti.

Furthermore, our Youth for Haiti program has allowed countless college students the opportunity to witness first hand the humanitarian efforts of HHRD.

Other Projects since 2010

HHRD is currently taking care of around 300 Orphans, has done water supply projects, regular seasonal projects, and Youth for Haiti trips in Humanitarian Assistance Activities.

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