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Welcoming Rahmah Webathon/Telethon 2013...
Benefit Orphans and Needy Around the world

2pm - 6pm Live Webathon at www.hhrd.org

3pm - 6pm Live Telethon at ARY Digital

Welcome the month of Mercy and Giving...
The Helping Hand for Relief and Development Team, both in the USA and our offices abroad, would like to wish our supporters and donors a very blessed Ramadan. It is with the blessings of Allah that we have once again been granted the opportunity to witness the month of fasting, mercy, forgiveness and prayer.

HHRD is launching its FITRA text campaign allowing donors to give $10 towards our numerous programs. From the ease of your phone simply text the word FITRA to 27722 to make your $10 donation.
Skills Development Program
HHRD established Skill Development Centers (SDCs) are providing opportunities, primarily for women, to learn skills necessary to earn an income. It helps them attain self-sufficiency, financial independence, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

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For latest updates - To Sponsor a Beneficiary towards self-sufficiency hhrd.org/sdp
Burmese Relief Fund
a.    "The most persecuted minorities in the world," UN

b.    Burmese Muslims are denied right of citizenship, have discriminatory limitations to basic rights and are continuously persecuted.

       It is heart wrenching as the plight of the Burmese is dire.

c.    HHRD continues to work with the Refugees – Photos

d.    Please Donate Generously
Help Syria Now
2 Years and Counting… Number of deaths rise as the civil unrest escalates. Tens of thousands fleeing Syria and living now as refugees. The people of Syria need our help.

Make a difference: Donate:
   $150 per month per family for Food and Water

In-Kind Donation:

   Sponsor a Medical In-Kind Gifts Container (Click Here)
   Donate towards Food and Clothes Container (Click Here)
Islamic Interest Free Microfinance
Under one of its flagship program, HHRD facilitates and supports livelihood opportunities and micro enterprise development for poverty alleviation through provision of Interest-Free Microfinance.

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Orphan Sponsorship Program
Allows you to support a specific child on an ongoing basis. Your donation, either through monthly or annual payment is given directly to the orphan’s family or guardian. You can immediately view your orphans complete profile including Educational and Medical Reports, Online.

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For latest updates - Sponsor a Beneficiary hhrd.org/OSP
Orphan Support Program
$1/Day. $365/ Year. Sponsor a Child. Create a Future.
Interest Free Microfinance
 Repayment loan rate of 99.8%. Best form of Sadaqa-e-Jariya.
Health Care
Emergency and long term medical assistance for the needy and injured.
Education Support
Student Scholarships, Rebuilding Schools and Adult Literacy Programs.
Physical Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy and artificial limbs for those who've lost mobility in disasters.
Infrastructure Development
Rebuilding homes, schools and villages in disaster affected areas.
Inkind Gift Program
In-Kind Gift Centers across USA. Medical equipments and basic necessity items.
Seasonal Programs
Iftar and Eid Gift Donations. Global Fitra and Zabeeha Programs in over 60 countries.
Water for Life
Providing clean water by placing water pumps, wells and sanitation programs.
Skill Development
Empowering Women through skills development and vocational training
Public Advocacy & Social Justice
Raising awareness on issues like global hunger. Supporting activism for Social Justice
Matching Gift Partners Program
Over 40 companies matching their employees' donations to HHRD. Does your company match?
Emergency Appeals
Africa Drought Crisis, Libya Relief, Pakistan Flood Relief, Japan EQ-Tsunami Relief, Haiti Earthquake Relief and Many Others...
Youth Empowerment
Providing Summer Internships and programs like Youth for Haiti and Youth for Japan.
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